Tom Cotton, Republican, Arkansas, US Representative – switching to US Senate – Election November 2014

Editorial article posted afternoon of Tuesday 22 April 2014 at The Lantern Journal by Jim Lantern, Independent voter in Norman Oklahoma USA

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I just for the first time saw this man and his news-making commercial as a news story on FOX News.

I’m a resident of Oklahoma, registered as an Independent voter in Cleveland County for the City of Norman. Tom Cotton is a US Representative from Arkansas, and he is a Republican. Why am I writing about him? Because I’m looking at the larger picture. I have no doubt Republicans can hold onto the US House of Representatives. The question is, can they take back the US Senate from Democrats? This is an issue that should be of interest to all Conservatives – Republicans, Tea Party, and others, as well as perhaps Libertarians.


Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton is doing something I consider to be very interesting. He wants to switch from the US House of Representatives to the US Senate, to become a US Senator from Arkansas. I’m posting this to try to help him get more exposure in order to reach that goal. I’m hoping everyone reading this at WordPress will reblog it. I hope others will share it this via Facebook and Twitter.

Republicans MUST take back the US Senate during the mid-term elections November 2014. Then they MUST take back The White House in November 2016. Most Independent voters, like me, are shifting from centrist to far right to try to help make those goals possible. Then we can begin to repair the significant damage President Obama and Obama Democrats in government jobs have done to this country and citizens.

A few Democrats have awakened today to the realization that ObamaCare is going to cost them the US Senate. Also, the fact that President Obama delaying the decision on the Keystone Pipeline is also going to do more harm than good for US Senate Democrats.

Tom Cotton at Facebook

Tom Cotton at Twitter and running for US Senate

Tom Cotton website

Wikipedia article about Tom Cotton


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