More Abuse of Power: Federal Government B.L.M. vs Bundy Ranch, State of Nevada – must read article, must see video!

Editorial article posted about 2:10 p.m. CT Thursday 10 April 2014 at The Lantern Journal by Jim Lantern, Independent voter in Norman Oklahoma USA

Updates added at bottom of this editorial article…

I was checking news feeds at Facebook, Twitter, and the WordPress Reader, when I came upon a WordPress blogger posting about this news story. I was going to reblog the posting from there to here, but it is very difficult to read there – partly because of the blog design and font – and partly because of the way it is presented there with some distracting information making it a bit confusing. So I did an Internet search to find the best presentation of this important news story. Here it is…

This is a must read article, and a must see video!

Read about it at . . .

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has publicly condemned the BLM [Bureau of Land Management] for their recent aggressive actions against Bundy.”

200 Armed Federal Agents And Snipers Show Up At Ranch To Confiscate Cattle (Video)

You can watch the video in the article there, or watch it here via YouTube…

Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents…

This is more abuse of power by the Federal Government, sending in bullies and thugs to attack good honest hard-working Americans. In this case it basically is the Federal Government vs everyone else in Nevada – everyone there on the side of the rancher and against the agents of the Federal Government.

For too long now the Federal Government has been sticking its nose where it should never have been allowed to go in the first place . . . abusing farmers and ranchers . . . with a kind of Orwellian reverse logic that only a totally psychotic Big Brother could come up with.

This is another reason why Conservatives – Republicans – Libertarians –  Tea Party – must take back the US Senate in November 2014, and the White House in November 2016. Independent voters, like me, including centrists and moderates, must stand with the political right to undo the damage being done by President Obama, the Obama Democrats and other Liberal Democrats, and all others who love Big Brother Government. Meantime, help shine a light on the evils of the Federal Government engaging in abuse of power.


Update 4:30 a.m. CT Friday 11 April 2014

FOX News revealed more about this news story.

A long time ago, the State of Nevada “ceded” (gave or sold) land to the Federal Government, which belonged to ranchers. The Federal Government then charged ranchers a grazing fee for their cattle. Some ranchers have refused to pay, and claim it is still their land – having been in their families for several generations. So the Federal Government is charging ranchers to use their own land. Those who could not pay have been forced out of business. The Bundy Ranch is the only fully functional ranch still in business, which is still fighting the Federal Government.

Then the Federal Government turned the area of land used by the Bundy Ranch cattle into a turtle reserve. Seriously. So the Federal Government banned cattle from that area of protected land set aside for turtles. Eventually, the turtle population increased to a level that the Federal Government became concerned about. So, on one hand, the Federal Government began killing some of those turtles to reduce their population. Meantime, on the other hand, recently, the Federal Government began abducting and killing cattle, belonging to the Bundy Ranch, grazing on the protected reserve land, because the Federal Government considered the cattle to be a threat to the population of the turtles. If only the Federal Government had allowed nature to take its course, the cattle and turtles could coexist on the same land, and the turtles could live there without becoming overpopulated. Now the Federal Government is attacking protesters, while also engaging the ongoing theft of cattle to be slaughtered by the Federal Government, which claims the Bundy Ranch owes millions of dollars in fees, fines, and taxes – so the government can take the cattle for compensation.

The State of Nevada Government, which screwed up by giving land to the Federal Government in the first place, is now on the side of the Bundy Ranch – mainly because of the tactics recently used by the Federal Government – such as agents physically attacking protesters.


UDATE about 5:30 a.m. Saturday 12 April 2014

Reuters reporting FAA has established a “no fly zone” over the Bundy Ranch. Apparently an attempt to keep out news helicopters.

Reuters has reported “snipers” have been brought in to shoot anyone interfering with the federal agents and federal contractors.

Examiner has reported cell phone towers have been disabled by federal agents in an attempt to cut off communications between the Bundy Ranch and the rest of the world.

UPDATE about 7:00 a.m. CT Sunday 13 April 2014

Please read the very important article I wrote yesterday after this article about the above noted ABC News article – where ABC News censored reader comments – deleted all comments (including mine) about Harry Reid making a land deal with a Chinese solar energy company – the real reason for removing the cattle…

…Also, my other article about the Bundy Ranch news story and the true cause of that conflict…

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